About this site


It is my slice of Internet formatted the way I want and containing what I desire.

It is a documentation of my findings. This in itself helps me memorise better, as I move on to new stuff. If others find it helpful, or interesting, that would be a great bonus.

It is going to form part of my portfolio. Since I usually take breaks between employments I am often asked what was I doing in between. Also working on the server-side functionality for enterprises means I often have nothing to show to interested parties. This should help.

I decided not to release purely software-engineering blog as my interests go beyond that. I want to rant about whatever hurt me at the time of writing. I want to publish photos of interesting places. I want to be able to upload a video with some special effects - if I revisit this old hobby of mine. It just had to be a mixed bag.

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Statically generated blog, hosted in the cloud, seemed like the best match for my requirements.

It needs to take away the burden of faffing with boilerplate, broken templates, non-standard configuration and the likes, so that the time from idea to publication is short.

It needs to allow me to write in markdown - as it is very simple and already widely adopted as projects’ documentation.

I want to cover multiple disciplines and host it in one place.

I want to own all of the contents and control all of the structure and style of the site.

I want it to be trivial to host (S3), deploy (single command), backup (GitHub) and port (slightly more involving).

The contents are to be mainly textual, with quite a lot of code (syntax colouring) but any other type of common media can be used, without practical limitations as to what size or format they are. I am thinking video
files or ISO images for example.

The length of articles will range between a tweet and a booklet. I accept that, on occasions, I will have to spread across multiple entries.

I am happy to control all aspects of the site, including caching, compression, certificates, and so on. It is allowing me to gain transferable knowledge.

Modest styling of the posts

You may notice the blog posts’ contents have consistent but sparse styling. It is because I write in a flavour of markdown. It allows me to type the contents fast without being bogged down by formatting and achieve this consistent, yet simple look.

To make your life easier I am using categories as a top-level grouping of subjects (or disciplines). I have also used tags, which relate to the context of posts’ fragments and can span across multiple disciplines. If that form of navigation is not sufficient, an archive displays entries in chronological order. All forms of navigation are available in the top menu. Right nav brings links to latest posts. Post themselves provide links to category, tags and release year. On top of that pagination controls for each post. Within posts, you can fetch original image sources by clicking on them.

That should be plenty to find your way around, even on a limited screen.

Advertisements and Analytics

Despite the little contents at the moment, I have enabled analytics on the site. I am curious about usage patterns.

I have also prepared the site for ads. I was curious about this side of e-commerce. Eventually, it would be fantastic for ads to provide some revenue. I envisage however, it would take some years at my current publishing pace. I will be changing and moving them about, turning them off and on as I continue experimenting.

The main challenge with ads is that they bloat the site in terms of layout and weight. I’ve tried to make the pages weigh around 200-300kB (in terms of transfer, after compression, photo-rich pages will obviously occupy more space). The ads are doubling or tripling that size.

But Bootstrap is not a semantic web framework

I wanted to get this out quickly and that was the only one I was somewhat familiar with.

But you are not using … (substitute with front-end technology) correctly

While I appreciate pointers, keep in mind I am not skilled in front-end development, and I never said so.
I can get-by at most because I have never developed strong interest in front-end matter. This is not to say that I won’t jump into it at some point.

Seb Walak

About me

Just a man with hobbies. Curious about things. Finding myself in technology.

Excited about automation. I like to tinker and need to know more about electronics.

I like learning and I’d like to have infinite time for it.

Every day I am trying to discover something new to myself, however small. Otherwise, the disappointment sets.

Some of these discoveries will appear here.

They won’t necessarily be unique, but they will be mine. Just made after somebody else did.

You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.

Clay P. Bedford

About plans

Site is still work in progress but I feel it got to the MVP stage.


I am planning to document my learning experience of Go (aka GoLang) next.


This site lacks embedded interaction, I am thinking about comments mechanism. For the time being, social media has to be used for interaction. You can also choose to do it in the “awkward”, old-fashioned way and tell me what you think face-to-face.

I am planning to add search, once the contents are sizeable enough to justify it. Split of posts by categories, tags and chronological listing should suffice for these few posts.

Backward compatibility with IE or other marginal browser

Hell NO! That’s one of the bits I hate most about front-end development - crafting portable code that might even work on some badly implemented browser engine.

Fallback for browsers without JavaScript

Is that still an issue? How on earth these people do anything on their calc… erm computers?