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Metronome's Cacophony (1/14) - concurrency in Go (GoLang) - Introduction

Introduction The times of PCs with a single-core CPU seem to be gone. Single-core processors still appear in special use cases but, in Personal Computing, they are pretty much extinct. We exhibit c...

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Base, custom VPC stack, provisioned with Terraform in AWS

This post shows Terraform configuration files I have used to create base AWS stack for my projects. It is a minimal configuration for new VPC with public/private subnets and autoscaling bastion. Fo...

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Demo user with AWS-CLI and MFA.

Why? I was preparing to a demo of AWS features and I was going to use CLI for most AWS interactions. Presented material was spanning across multiple services and involved creation and destruction of resources that incur cost. Some of the actions required a user that is empowered. The broad range of services required a versatile one. Who knows what you may need during a live demo? For AWS-CLI interactions I used to create an IAM user (at least didn’t use root) and invoke aws configure. It would bake that user’s key into the filesystem in a plain form. Such... read more

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Car Battery Discharge Guard

Use case While the standard car battery is discharged, its plates undergo sulfation. This process is reversed during charging unless the battery has been severly depleted one or more times. In this case you may not be able reach the full charge level. I use electronic equipment which is connected to a car’s lighter socket for an extended period of time. Think along the lines of a dash cam, car tracker, mobile phone or tablet, fridge etc. Sometimes I forget to disconnect this equipment when the car is stationary, and it can drain the car battery to damaging levels. I... read more

AWS AMI Snapshotter

What is it? This terraform project will execute given script on AWS EC2 (installation here) and take AMI snapshot of it so that future EC2 can be spun up from that AMI, without the burden of running initial installation. Terraform destroy subcommand will purposefully NOT destroy the AMI, but will destroy the original EC2 and associated resources. Code available on BitBucket. Why? Lately I have been provisioning a number of instances which required a significantly large package to be downloaded and installed on them. I had a reason not to use Configuration Management solution so I chose to install these... read more

Dockerised DropWizard

What is it? It started as an exercise that was supposed to satisfy few, artificial requirements for a technical interview. I have never attended the interview but most of the solution was ready and I thought I will keep going to learn new and solidify existing knowledge. It incorporates few techniques and technologies and should be useful reference for projects using: Maven to orchestrate the following: build code unit test package build Docker images execute integration tests against Docker container execute e2e tests against all containers (just a demo) push Docker images to registry Simple dependency mechanism is used to... read more